How do I make a purchase?

- Please leave the message to our inbox with your name, contact number and email. A representative will be sending a message to you shortly. 

What is your minimum order?

- For sample order we require at least 1 needle-free injector and 1 pack consumables. If you need larger quantity leave a message, representative will be sending a message to you shortly. 

How much is the needle-free injector?

- Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after you contact us for further information.

How long will it take to get my order?

- For samples, the lead time is about 7 days. For mass production, the lead time is 20-30 days after receiving the deposit payment. The lead times become effective when (1) we have received your deposit, and (2) we have your final approval for your products. If our lead times do not work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with your sale. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs. 

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

- You can transfer payment via bank or via Alibaba draft. For sample we required full payment of the sample order. 

What is the shipping fee?

- The shipping fee will depend on the weight of the package. Please contact us for further information. 

Do you offer free sample to potential partner?

- Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples to our clients.


Can TECHiJET needle-free injectors be used for intramuscular injection?

- NO. Subcutaneous injection only up to now.

Can TECHiJET inject other medication other than insulin and HGH?

- YES, as usual, it can be used in many fields like Local Anesthetic injection, Subcutaneous Vaccine Injection and some Cosmetic Injection, etc. Quinovare open the insulin market as main market in China. Most NFI is a professional medical device that can be suitable to different fields. 

Are all the diabetics fit to use QS needle-free injectors?

No. Below groups of persons are not fitted:

1) Elderly persons unable to understand and memorize the instruction for use.

2) Persons allergic to insulin.

3) Persons with bad eyesight and unable to read the number in the dosage window correctly.

4) Pregnant women are recommended to inject on legs or buttock.

For the persons having had induration in skin, can they use needle-free injecto

- Yes. What’s more, needle-free injectors will not cause new induration.

Please inject in the areas with no induration.

Why is it necessary to change the consumables in time?

- There will be wear and tear after using it for many times, in which case the injector will not be able to extract medication and inject correctly.

How Needle-free Injector work?

Using high pressure to release liquid medication from a micro orifice to create an ultrafine liquid stream that instantly penetrates skin to the subcutaneous tissue. The medication then disperses evenly as spray-like pattern over a larger subcutaneous area while the traditional injection, the insulin forms a medicine pool.


Why Needle-free Injection?

● Virtually no Pain

● No needle phobia

● No risk of broken-needle

● No needle stick injuries

● No cross contamination

● No needle disposal issues

● Earlier onset of medication effect

● Better injection experience

● Avoid and release subcutaneous induration

● Better postprandial glycemic control

● Higher bioavailability and fast absorption of the medication