“Cultivating more ‘specialized, special and new’ enterprises” key special research meeting”

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On April 21, Hao Mingjin, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, led a team on "cultivating more 'specialized, special and new' enterprises, improving competitiveness and innovation - striving to make a change and improvement of the industry and realize the common development of all the people. Wealth" key conference was held in Beijing. Li Shijie, vice chairman and secretary general of the Central Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association, presided over the meeting. Gu Shengzu, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and You Jun, head of the United Front Work Department, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, attended the research conference.

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Hao Mingjin fully affirmed Beijing's achievements in cultivating "specialized, specialized, and new" enterprises in recent years. He emphasized that it is necessary to deeply study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions and important instructions on the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises and achieve common prosperity; to conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee and the State Council on the development of innovative enterprises for transformation, and constantly cultivate "specialized, specialized, and innovative" enterprises. Enterprises are leading to in-depth; we must adhere to characteristics, pursue excellence, guide "specialized, refined and innovative" enterprises to maintain their determination, unswervingly follow the path of innovation and development, focus on cultivating the real economy, and push "specialized, refined, and new" enterprises to develop high-quality development.

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As a representative of the emerging "specialized, special and new" medical enterprise, Quinovare was invited to participate in the conference. Chairman Zhang Yuxin delivered a speech at the conference. Quinovare has been focusing on the research and development of needle-free drug delivery systems for 15 years. Through continuous innovation, Quinovare is committed to providing patients with revolutionary needle-free smart products. Since its establishment, the needle-free drug delivery technology has continued to innovate in domestic, medical, drug-device combination, robotic needle-free injection and more cutting-edge fields, and continues to define the industry standard for needle-free drug delivery systems. Quinovare redefines the dosing scheme of the fourth type of dispersive absorption. Through innovative drug delivery technology, the original marketed drugs can achieve clinical therapeutic effects similar to those of the new drugs under investigation. As a disruptive technology, the new needle-free drug delivery technology has opened a door for the new use of old drugs.

At present, Quinovare needle-free injection has carried out research in the field of vaccines. At the end of 2021, in view of the severe situation of the global corona epidemic, Quinovare, together with Shanghai Tongji University and Feixi Technology Co., Ltd., developed the first autonomous intelligent needle-free vaccine injection robot in China. This research is based on the needle-free technology. In scenarios where infection protection is required and large-scale injections are required, compared with traditional vaccination methods, it has the advantages of being more efficient, safer, and reducing pollution.

The new fields that Quinovare is about to enter also include: growth hormone injection for the treatment of short stature in children, GLP1 receptor agonist injection for the treatment of diabetic patients, injection of anesthetic drugs commonly used in surgical treatment, and subcutaneous administration for various skin diseases. , and various macromolecular biological preparations of the current development trend of injectable drugs.

Quinovare needle-free business has been fully affirmed and encouraged by Chairman Hao and Chairman Gu. This emerging drug delivery method will surely serve medical care and benefit more patients.

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The state attaches great importance to the medical industry and vigorously fosters specialized, specialized and new enterprises, and Quinovare is the beneficiary of the times. As a specialized and special new enterprise, Quinovare is ushering in a golden period of full effort and active exploration.

We will not forget the original intention, insist on innovation, and firmly take the road of specialization and innovation! Contribute the power of the enterprise to the higher quality development of the medical industry!

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Post time: Apr-29-2022