Guidelines for Needle-free Injection of Insulin for Diabetic Patients

The "Guidelines for Needle-free Injection of Insulin for Diabetic Patients" was released in China, which marked the official entry of needle-free insulin injection into China's diabetes clinical sequence, and also made China officially a country for the promotion of needle-free injection clinical technology.
At the same time, the nationwide promotion of needle-free insulin injection was launched, and needle-free syringes were used in the wards of hundreds of hospitals in China, becoming the first needle-free injection device admitted as a treatment tool.
As a leading enterprise in the field of needle-free injection in China, the continuous innovation of "TECHiJET" jet technology has realized the matching model design of the "TECHiJET" needle-free injection fluid mechanics model with different drugs, and the precise control of injection depth and diffusion area. , to cooperate with the drug to achieve the best onset of action. Therefore, the TECHiJETneedle-free syringe is not only a simple introduction tool, but also a drug delivery treatment plan.

Before being applied to the clinic, "TECHiJET" has carried out a large number of clinical res earch exp eriments.
The "Pharmacokinet ics and Pharmacodyna mics Study of Humalog without Needle Injection" carried out by Profess or Li Qifu of the First Affiliated H ospital of Chongqing Medical University in 2015 confir med that compared with the needle-frees yringe of "TECHiJET " needle-free syringe, the absorption of insulin Faster and closer to the physiological insulin secretion pattern;


In 2016, the study "Comparing the effect s of needle -fr ee inject ion and traditional insu lin pen on bloo d sugar control and insulin levels in patients with T 2DM" joint ly carried out by Professor Xiao Xinhua of Peking Union Medical College H osp ital and Professor Guo Lix in of Beijing Hospital confir med: "Qu ick Shure" needle -free injection Compared wit h needles,
postprandia l blood sugar control is better, and postprandial blood sugar fluctuations are smaller;
Beginning in 2018, it lasted for 2 years and was led by Profess or Ji Linong from Beijing Peop le's Hospital and joint ly launched the P hase III study with 10 top tertiary hosp itals. T he "FREE" study using the "T ECHiJET " needle-fr ee s yringe is currently t he largest in the world. The res earch us ing the gold indicator of blood su gar control "glycat ed hemoglobin" as the main efficacy obs er vation index, under th e r es earch of C hina's top endocrinology expert team, confirmed the advantages of "TECHiJET " needle-free technology res earch and develop ment innovation ability, but also reflect ed China's no Innovation and clinical application valu e of clinica l res earch on needle inject ion t echnology. T he "FREE" study confir med the following conclus ions:
Compared wit h insulin wit h needle, the change fr om baseline in HbA1c without needle was non-infer ior to the insulin p en group, and had statistical superiorit y and clinical sup eriority;Needle-fr ee insulin injection, which us es fewer dos es of insulin than insulin pen injections;No needle inject ion of insu lin, the incidence of adverse react ions at the injection site is low, and no induration occurs;Needle-fr ee inject ion of insu lin results in less pain and higher patient satisfaction, which can impr ove patient compliance."TECHiJET" will continu e to b e the world's leading needle -fr ee injection technology as the core t o benefit patients and make medical care safe. It is the r espons ibility a nd ideal of "T ECHiJET" to promot e the scientific and technological progress of the national medical economy, and the vision of "needle-free diagnos is and treat ment, making the world a better place" will surely be achieved as soon as possible.

Post time: Oct-13-2022