Is diabetes terrible? The most terrible thing is complications

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic endocrine disease characterized by hyperglycemia, mainly caused by relative or absolute deficiency of insulin secretion.

Since long-term hyperglycemia can lead to chronic dysfunction of various tissues, such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes and nervous system, the most common are retinopathy and diabetic foot, so diabetes should be controlled as much as possible within the normal blood sugar range. In addition to the usual diet and the formation of good work and rest habits, insulin is also an important medication for the treatment of diabetes. At present, insulin can only be administered by injection, but long-term needle injection will cause subcutaneous induration, needle scratches, and fat hyperplasia. The fear of missing the golden period of the best treatment can easily lead to poor blood sugar control, which can lead to complications.

With the advancement of science and technology, this TECHiJET needle-free injector on the market has brought great benefits to diabetic patients. Needle-free injection has no needle. After the pressure is generated by the pressure device, the liquid is pushed out to form a very fine liquid. The column penetrates the skin instantly and reaches the subcutaneous, dispersing in a diffused form, so that the absorption effect is good, which is also the advantage of needle-free injection.

In fact, for patients who need to inject insulin without needles or with needles, in addition to pain, there are other differences that everyone considers. After years of clinical trials comparisons have shown that the dose of needle-free insulin injections is reduced. The incidence of low injection site adverse reactions such as scratching, induration, and fat hyperplasia is significantly reduced, the satisfaction is higher, and the patient’s compliance with treatment is greatly improved.


Since 2012, Beijing QS Medical has independently developed a variety of needle-free injection systems for different fields after obtaining the first domestic registration certificate, which can achieve precise intramuscular, subcutaneous and intradermal injections. Currently, it has domestic and foreign needle-free injection systems. There are 25 patents related to injection, which maintain a leading position in the world, and will not be subject to foreign developed countries at all. At present, insulin injections in the field of diabetes cover more than thousands of hospitals across the country, benefiting nearly one million users, and it has entered the Beijing medical insurance category A in 2022, providing better medical services for the majority of diabetic patients.

Post time: Sep-26-2022