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- Suitable for QS-M Needle-free Injector ,Temporary container and delivers medication.

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The QS-M Ampoule will be the temporary container of the medication and it use as the passage of medication. To create good quality ampoule Quinovare partners with Covestro. Covestro is the leading producers of makrolon medical-grade polycarbonates and it proves that the raw material in creating QS ampoules has good quality since it came from a reliable supplier. With sterilization the QS-M ampoule expiry in 3 years. The ampoule orifice of QS-M is 0.17 and the capacity of QS-M ampoule is 1ml.

The QS-M ampoule has a different method when using since QS-P has a different upper portion. For QS-M ampoule it has a shorter piston. To use the ampoule it must be inserted into the QS-M plunger, make sure the plunger is inserted in piston hand then screw it tightly. Make sure the ampoule is new and no damages in the package. To extract the medication, first rotate the roller to the right, the plunger will push the piston to the tip of the ampoule. Turn right until the piston is on the tip of the ampoule.

There are some unexpected situation when using the QS-M injector to avoid this here are some of tips and method; if unable to adjust the number of dosage, this could be due to the amount of medication in the ampoule is less than the intended dosage. Check the amount of the medication in the ampoule carefully, follow the step shown in the user manual. If unable to lock the roller, turn the roller slightly and try to lock it again. If huge amount of air while extracting medication, ensure that the ampoule and adapter are connected properly. With proper technique and proper method the needle-free injector is easy to use.

The Quinovare has gained good reputation and has become one of the famous enterprise specialized in manufacturing needle-free injector and its consumables in China. We normally welcome new and old buyers all over the world offering us with beneficial tips and proposals for cooperation, we sincerely hope to establish business relation with you and pursue mutual benefit.


QS- M Ampoule

Temporarily contains and delivers the medication

Capacity: 1 ml

Micro Orifice: 0.17 mm

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