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China has entered the Big Data Era, wherein integrating data collection and data analyzing functions into product is a trend. What is data storage? Data storage refers to the use of recording media to retain data using computers or other devices. The most prevalent forms of data storage are file storage, block storage, and object storage, with each being ideal for different purposes.

At present, insurance companies take the initiative to do things that are very good in blood glucose control, and can cooperate with them to manage usage behaviors more accurately, so that insurance can have a better control expenses. That’s why Quinovare developed the new accessory: Q-Link. It is designed specifically for QS-P. It automatically record the injection dose and the injection time. This injection data can be transfer to Quinovare cloud app for further monitoring. It can also able to connect to another device for data sharing and it would be a great advantage to hospital personnel and patients because it can be combine with the hospital system to form a close loop of personal health data.

We had over 30 clinical trials about insulin with more than 50 Chinese diabetic experts, the famous one is that QS-P finished its RWL insulin clinical trial with 426 patients and it was published in Lancet Journal in 2019. It has a positive conclusion therefore using needle-free injector to inject insulin comes with great advantages, it can eliminate needle phobia, prevent skin puncture hazards and its destruction, also does not cause problem of bleeding or bruising and minimal skin response, and better medication delivery and better reproducibility as compared to invasive drug delivery systems and hence enhance bioavailability and avoids problems of reconstitution and any effect of shearing. The expert published this Journal was surprised by the needle-free injection result and make a speech in US ADA, he believed a data storage of QS-P  can save injection behavior of patients and will help diabetic doctor to offer better control of their blood sugar.

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