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- Suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector

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Adapter A is suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector. Quinovare’s professional and expert engineers created same size and shape adapters for QS ampoules, though ampoules are different in sizes and dosages. The adapter A is made of makrolon medical plastic by Covestro. Insulin bottles are very different from each brand, for convenience Quinovare created three different types of adapter which has different purpose, so any type of medication bottle or container would be suitable to Quinovare needle-free injector.

The Adapter A is use for transferring of medication from penfills or cartridge with color coded cap. Examples of this type of penfill are the insulin rapid-acting Novorapid 100IU, Fiasp Penfill 100IU rapid-acting, Tresiba Penfill 100IU long-acting, Mixtard Human Penfill 70/30 pre-mixed, Novolog penfill 100IU Pre-mixed and Novolog Mix 70/30 penfills.

The design of adapter A is very special, the adapter A can be converted as a universal adapter or we call it as the Adapter T. To convert the Adapter A to universal adapter the outer ring must be remove by pulling the cap of the adapter and the outer ring. This smart design is for casual users who might bought wrong type of adapters. This design is inspired by users’ needs and market feedbacks, Quinovare attains customer request to satisfy their needs. The same with the ampoule, the adapter A has been sterilized using irradiation device and it is effective for at least three years.

The adapter works by screwing its needle in the cartridge or penfill until it punctures the rubber seal of cartridge, the adapter must firmly in place then connect the adapter to the tip of the ampoule. Be careful when using the adapter, its needle is sharp. When using the adapter make sure that the packaging is intact prior to the opening to avoid contamination.

Quinovare usually continue to offer the most conscientious consumer services, along with an innovative design and style with finest materials. With a wide range, top quality, sensible price ranges and stylish designs, our merchandise are widely recognized and dependable by users and can meet up with continuously changing economic and social needs.


Adapter A

-Applicable for transfer of medication from penfills or cartridges with color-coded cap.

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