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- Suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector

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Adapter B is applicable to QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector. The adapter B is also made of makrolon medical plastic by Covestro. The adapter B was made since there are different insulin bottles from each company and different countries has different suppliers for the convenience of our client Adapter B was created.

The Adapter B is use for transferring of medication from penfills or cartridge with non-color coded cap. Examples of this type of penfill and cartridges are Humulin N rapid acting penfills, Humulin R rapid acting penfill, Admelog Solostar rapid acting penfills, Lantus long acting 100IU penfills, Humalog kwikpen pre-mixed penfills, Humalog mix 75/25 kwikpen pre-mixed Penfills and Basaglar Long acting penfills.
The adapter B can also be converted as a universal adapter or Adapter T by pulling the cap of the adapter and the outer ring. When pulling the cap of the adapter make sure hands are clean to prevent contamination. The same with the ampoule and adapter A, the adapter B is also sterilized using irradiation device and it is effective for at least three years.

Each pack of adapters contains 10 pieces of sterilized adapters. Adapters are available locally and it can be delivered internationally. Before using the adapter check the package, if the package is broken or damage do not use the adapter. The expiration date must be check as well to make sure that the product is a new release batch. The adapters are disposable, throw the adapter with the empty insulin penfill or cartridge, make sure to use different adapter in each patient. Never use the same adapter for different types of liquid medication. Make sure to follow the instruction from the user manual to avoid mistake or accident when using the needle-free injector. You may also consult specialist or supplier in case there are problem with the product that has been supplied.


Adapter B

-Applicable for transfer of medication from cartridges without color-coded cap.

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