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- Suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector

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Adapter C is design for QS-K Human Growth Hormone Injector, but it can also be used in QS-P and QS-M Injector. The Adapter C is applicable for transferring of medication from small bottled medication like human growth hormon. The adapter C can also be use in other insulin bottles such as Humalog 50/50 premixed vials, Lusduna vials, Lantus long acting vials, Novolin R 100IU rapid acting vials, Novolog Insulin aspart rapid acting vials and Humalog vials. As for human growth hormone this are the bottles that fits for adapter C: Norditropin vial, Omnitrope 5mg vial, Saizen 5 mg vial, Humatrope Pro 5 mg, vial, Egrifta 5 mg vial, Nutropin 5 mg vial, Serostim 5 mg and 6 mg vials and Nutropin Depot 5 mg vial.

The same with adapter A and B, adapter C is also sterilized and the effectivity is up to 3 years and it can also be turned to Adapter T. It is also made of quality medical plastic. Some Human Growth Hormone bottle and vials have hard rubber or stopper, for easy use it is advisable to puncture the rubber seal with a needle first then screw the adapter into the vial firmly in place.

If having trouble extracting the medication, make sure the ampoule and adapter are connected to each other. If still unable to extract medication, changing or replacing the adapter or ampoule is advised. When injecting a Human growth hormone or a pre-mixed insulin, shake the medication penfill or vial first before extracting the medication. In extracting hold the injector vertically to prevent air from entering. Do not re-sterile the adapters or any of the consumables to avoid damage. Sterilizing will cost damage to the consumables. The TECHiJET consumables or accessories must be stored between 5 to 40 degrees Celsius. Keep the consumables clean and free from dust, medical residues or any corrosive fluid. After extracting the medication, close the adapter cap back and keep the medication in cool and ventilated place, away from long time exposure to sunlight.


Adapter C

-Applicable for transfer of medication from a bottle

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