TECHiJET Adapters Accessories/ Consumables Adapter T or Universal Adapter

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- Suitable for QS-P, QS-K and QS-M Needle-free Injector

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The universal adapter is very special, it is from adapter A, B and C. The adapter T is for any type of injectable liquid medication among this type of bottles are local anesthetic lidocaine with epinephrine, Xylocaine 20 ml vial, Huminsulin 100IU 30/70 vial, Levemir insulin detemir 10 ml vial, Lantus insulin glargine 10 ml vial, Tresiba U100 long acting 10 ml vials and Apidra insulin glulisine U- 100 vials.
Adapter T is not a conventional adapter, it cannot be bought directly. This design is for the wrong type of adapter that mistakenly purchased. If the medication bottle is different, you can do some tricks and then you can use needle-free injector as usual.

These adapters are a technology-based product with the good quality materials. As a pioneer, Quinovare persist in creating an innovative device leading to a better life. All details of products designed to be portable for more convenience and easy access to medication. What we want is built to meet customer satisfaction for their daily use. We depend on sturdy technical force and continually create sophisticated technologies to meet the demand of customer with affordable price.

Using the needle-free injector to inject insulin or other medications has great advantages with higher bioavailability and fast absorption of the medications customers can have a good feeling experience and comfortable feeling, not feeling afraid on the next injection. This assured that using needle-free injector to inject medication can improve the customer’s quality of life. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Owing to excellent support, a variety of top of the range items, aggressive rates and efficient delivery, Quinovare enjoy a very good reputation among our clients. We have been a high-tech enterprise since 2014 and selling our products for insulin administration, vaccine, dental and growth hormones. Quinovare is also continuously hunting to establish relationship with new suppliers to supply progressive and intelligent alternative to our valued shoppers.

In China lots of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients and hospitals chose TECHiJET needle-free injectors, not only our products has been approved for subcutaneous administration likes insulin and growth hormone, but also Quinovare has ironed a good shape in expert’s and patients and parents’ heart.


Adapter Universal

-Adapter A and B can be a universal adapter by removing ring. Use in any type of medication container

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